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Sarcochilus flask L261 (Kulnura Ultimate 'Softy' x Kulnura Fairytale 'Blood Orange')

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Cross by Scott Barrie, Barrita Orchids.

The Kulnura Ultimate (Kulnura Sanctuary x Kulnura Kaleidescope) cross is one of our top crosses of the last few years. They are large flowers with a range of orange shadings and patterns. Combined with the Kulnura Fairytale ‘Blood Orange’, we are looking to build on the new tones we uncover in the orange shades. Expect large filled-in flowers in fantastic new orange shades. Recommended!

Flasks are ready to deflask on arrival. We plant 25 plants in a flask. This does not mean you are guaranteed 25 as occasionally some may not develop and the flask will still look good when we are selecting flasks to sell.

For information on deflasking check out our resource page.