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Cattleya Orchid Species SVO8065 (B. perrinii 'SVO 18' x B. perrinii 'Rubens 25')

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Species seedling plant in a 50mm tube.

The perrinii ‘Ruben’s 25’ flowers with 25 blooms and ‘SVO 18’ with 18 flowers, both are siblings. These two plants have exceptionally high flower counts and for a species that usually blooms with 8-9 flowers, this is more than twice the expected bloom counts. When unusually high flower counts appear, it is often best to self the plant, but in this case, we made a sibling cross, because the ‘SVO 18’ had a significantly better shape and large lip, (unfortunately, I did not take a picture ‘SVO 18’).  There are excellent mounted or in a hanging basket, they grow well with the heat and humidity of summer and prefer to keep their roots dryer in winter.  This is a must-have for you Cattleya species collectors.

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. The picture shows a parent of this cross. The above description details the expectation of the plants.

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