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Cattleya Orchid Seedling SVO9905 (Pot. Verbatim 'SVO Fire Splash' x Pot. Ruby Delight 'Ruby Splash')

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Hybrid seedling plant in a 50mm tube.

Verbatim has impressive parents used in its breeding; Slc. Angel's Fantasy 'Solar Flare' FCC/AOS and Pot. Rubescence 'SVO' AM/AOS. The cultivar “SVO Fire Splash’ is a red flower with red flares and veins and outstanding wide petals. Ruby Delight (Pot. Rubescence x Slc. Cosmic Delite) “blew my socks off” when it first bloomed, its mini-Catt plant habit produced superbly shaped red flowers with darker red veins, so cool!   Red flowers with darker red veins and flares is the flower colour goal with this cross, they will also produce exceptionally wide full shaped petals on plants just 6-7” tall and most likely do this twice a year!

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. The picture shows the parents of this cross. The above description details the expectation of this hybrid.

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