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Cattleya Orchid Seedling (Blc. Waikiki Gold 'Lea' AM/AOS x Bl. Richard Mueller '4N')

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Hybrid seedling plant in a 50mm tube.

Blc. Golden Tang

Originally made in the late 80’s Golden Tang became popular with its ease of culture and quickly maturing plants. It received 21 American Orchid Society awards making this highly awarded grex. We have remade this modern classic using the 4n form of Richard Mueller. Easy to grow and bloom plants will produce 4-6 gold to yellow flowers

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. Picture shows the parents of this cross. The above description details the expectation of this hybrid.

For information on growing Cattleyas check out our growing page at http://barritaorchids.com/pages/growers-resource-page