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Cattleya Orchid Hybrid SVO10831 (Pot. Hawaiian Prominence 'America' AM/AOS x Slc. Virginia Dickey 'Diamond Orchids' AM/AOS)

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Hybrid seedling plant in a 50mm tube.

Hawaiian Prominence (Blc. Hisako Akatsuka x Slc. Wendy's Redstone) has an eye-catching colour with flowers that have been described as “a deep velvety-ruby-purple with a ruby-purple lip and bright yellow throat.” The flowers are large at 4.5” across on plants barely 10” tall.  Virginia Dickey (Slc. Pink Doll x Sl. Pole-Star) you see used as a parent in many crosses listed this year, it flowers twice a year in 3” pots and has sturdy stems holding 2-4 bright red flowers of superior form.  This cross will be a great example of how good this style of breeding is. The flowers will be deep reds, with darker red lips and yellow throats, Good stems will display 4-5 well-arranged flowers from plants about 6-7” tall. 

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. Picture shows the parent of this cross. The above description was written by Fred Clarke and details the expectation of this hybrid.

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