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100mm Cattleya Orchid Seedling (Blc. Carolina Orange D'or 'Lenette 2’ AM/AOS x Pot. Love Passion 'Dogashima')

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Hybrid seedling plant in a 100mm pot.

Near flowering size.

This cultivar of Carolina Orange D'Or (Carolina Golden D'Or x Blc. Malworth) is very impressive it has deep orange flowers, with excellent shape and substance.   Love Passion (Lc. Trick or Treat x Slc. William Farrell) ‘Dogashima’ has very bright orange flowers, is a vigorous grower and its strong stems hold 7 to 11 well-displayed blooms.  The objective of this well-thought-out pairing is to produce 5-9 bright orange flowers on sturdy stems, plants will be robustly growing and flowering in March.  Outstanding cross.

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. Picture shows the parent of this cross. The above description was written by Fred Clarke and details the expectation of this hybrid.

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