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Rescue Packs

Limited stock- rescue offer.

All plants sold by Barrita, either through our store or via our distributors, are run through a quality assurance check before they leave the greenhouse. We look for quality of plant, size, growth and potential to be a long-lasting plant. With every batch of plants, some do not make the cut to be passed on to our customers. In our last check we ‘rescued’ some of these plants, which although do not meet our sale standards, still have the potential to grow into healthy plants. We have decided to sell them at a discounted rate in batches, perfect for those of you who love a ‘rescue’ and want to give these little seedlings a second chance at life! These groups are a mix of Barrita seedlings and from George Hatfield.
You can see by the pictures these ‘recuses’ generally healthy plants, often with a mark on the foliage, too small for retail or overstock so better plants went ahead for sale.

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