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Growing Zygopetalums

Zygopetalums are easy to grow, reliable to flower and fragrant, making them one of the best choices for novice growers. On top of these appealing traits, the modern Zygopetalum is often a multi-generic hybrid, bred to be a compact plant with wonderful flower colouring.
We have grown Zygos on and off for a number of years in the same conditions as our cymbidiums. It’s worth noting however that while they enjoy a bright position they should not be placed in full sun, as too much light has a negative impact on their foliage.
Zygo’s do very well in our growing media (Rockwool, perlite, styrene and charcoal) producing excellent root growth. Trials have shown they will also grow very well in straight styrene (See pictures below for the comparison).

This plant was deflasked into our media of Rockwool and perlite, as we would do for Cymbidiums and Sarcochilus. This media holds a little moisture all the time. As you can see the difference is clear, getting the moisture level right for a plant is crucial for maximum root growth and plant development. The roots on this plant are lush and totally active, this is how we want roots to look.

This plant was deflasked into just styrene. This media suits the Epiphytes such as Cattleya or Epidendrum. This plant was one of the best plants in the batch, but it doesn't have the root development of those in our Rockwool based media. Interestingly, all the plants in this media made bulbs quickly like this plant. Although the plants in the Rockwool media that did make bulbs made bigger bulbs than the best in styrene.

Watering plants is driven by the extent to which moisture is held in the media. Our media dries rapidly, so more frequent watering is required than when using organic-based mixes.
Like all orchids, Zygos like regular feeding. We use our own liquid fertiliser applied at low concentrations to allow maximum uptake for the plant. Our young plants in tubes are watered and fertilized each day in summer and every second day in the cooler months.
Barrita Orchids is, as of 2020, the home of Stephen Monkhouse's Zygopetalus. We are the owners of the breeding collection and are continuing to develop a range of beautiful hybrids that are easy to grow and flower.
We hope you enjoy growing and flowering these plants as much as we do.

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