In the interests of not having any plants trapped in boxes over the Christmas break, any orders received after the 3rd of December 2023 will be held and not shipped until Monday 8th of January 2024.

Commercial Cymbidium Cultivars

Late Autumn

1884 Intermediate

Barrita Medal 'Green Star'

2049 Intermediate

Dolly Lin 'Green Multi'

2055 Intermediate

Barrita Twinkle 'Nice Pink'

2053 Intermediate

Barrita Suspense 'Soft Pink'

2029 Intermediate

Dolly Lin 'Cream Ice'

2032 Intermediate

Barrita Sabre 'Bold'

1881 Standard

Barrita Magic 'Flame Brown'

670 Standard

Culpaulin 'Ice'

782 Standard

Kulnura Robinhood 'Green Pearl'

342 Standard

Barrita Sanguine 'Pink Perfection'

96 Standard

Spicy Khan 'April'

361 Standard

Barrita Pillar 'Ruby'

1481 Standard

Khan Fury 'Dark & Pointy'

205 Standard

Barrita Peace 'Early Winter'


708 Standard

Barrita Ridge 'Summer'


Earl Winter

458 Intermediate

Valley Regent x Minneken '2'

2234 Intermediate

Lady Bug 'Drum'

1573 Intermediate

Red Pepper 'Janice'

247 Standard

Barrita Cutlass 'Chief'

509 Standard

Kulnura Aglow 'Mist Green'

2337 Standard

Barrita Wry 'Orange Red lip'

410 Standard

Kulnura Vista 'Rosette'

212 Standard

Khan Furry 'Black plum'

988 Standard

Barrita Pillar 'French Burgundy'

154 Standard

Kulnura Snow 'White Dream'

833 Standard

Kulnura Crisp 'Golden Alba'


Mid Winter

1564 Intermediate

Volcanic Flash 'TimTam'

2235 Intermediate

Caramel Split 'Masterpeice'

2236 Intermediate

Caramel Split 'Cutie'

2070 Intermediate

Barrita Flight 'Light'

2071 Intermediate

Barrita Flight '4'

138 Intermediate

Music Bow Dancer 'Ballerrina'

2150 Intermediate

Barrita Clear '3 spk white int'

2218 Intermediate

Caramel Split 'Bunch Yellow'

1916 Standard

Barrita Toffee 'Orange Glow'

2145 Standard

Barrita Thunder 'Golden Orange'

2151 Standard

Barrita Whop 'Pink/dark lip'

1899 Standard

Barrita Flame 'Red rock'

1919 Standard

Blazing Fury x Valley Regent 'Red Star'

420 Standard

Barrita Peace 'clean & bright'

2147 Standard

Barrita Wedge 'Blush white'

Late Winter

1213 Intermediate

Lancashire Ruby 'Vallerie'

2245 Intermediate

Barrita Unruly 'Grellow 4spk'

2241 Intermediate

Barrita Tempo 'Sprite'

1002 Standard

Chocolate Drop x Blazing Carrot 'Bronge'

967 Standard

Valley Den Hoogenband x Zenation 'Mill green'

2232 Standard

Barrita Quiver '2 on lime green'

2157 Standard

Memoria Craig Sibbit 'Solid Orange'

893 Standard

Barrita Quash 'Jessie'

899 Standard

Kulnura Florid 'Bright pink w yellow spot'

2247 Standard

Barrita Patriot 'Dianne'

2158 Standard

Barrita Toffee 'Copper red'

2152 Standard

Barrita Trend 'Krista'

2154 Standard

Barrita Nimbus 'Starlight'

2412 Standard

Platnum Blond x Kulnura Star 'Upright'



934 Standard

Kulnura Eagle 'Long Lip'

2082 Standard

Barrita Nous 'Sept pink 2 spike'

2085 Standard

Barrita Nettle 'Lippy'

2086 Standard

Barrita Nettle 'Spot lip'

500 Standard

Kulnura Cherish 'GeeBee'

2162 Standard

Barrita Unleash 'Whitest of white'