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Seedling Flask L044 Cym (Keith Johnson 'Softest' X Keith Johnson 'Softest')

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This flask was produced at Barrita Orchids. We plant 25 seedlings per flask. This does not guarantee 25 plants, as some may not develop after planting.

We have made many Cymbidium crosses over a very long time. And I could count on one hand the number of selfings and sibling crosses we have made in Cymbidiums. Generally, it has been frowned upon. That is a stark contrast with the numerous times we have siblinged Sarcochilus, which has led to some of our most ground-breaking discoveries. Time for a change. This selfing cross will give us an interesting mixed result. There is a lot of pink in the background. Also, white and alba. The main point that interests us, is the spring flowering potential for show bench Cymbidiums.

The picture collage shows the parents of this cross. The following description details the expectation of this hybrid. Cross by Scott Barrie, Barrita Orchids.

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