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Seedling Community pot Cymbidium (Cym. erythraeum 'Paradise' x Blue Smoke 'Jenny Wren')

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For those looking for a bargain buy, how about a community pot of 6 plants in a 100mm pot. These plants are hardened off and about ready to pot up. The description expresses the possibilities in the seedlings.

I've been very impressed with the offspring of Cym. erythreaum, The flowers present well above the foliage on straight tall spikes. This combination uses the golden oldie, Cym. Blue smoke, which is high percentage Cym. lowianum. We can expect  greens with red v lips. The important factor is the fine foliage of the erythreaum and the fact that these are diploids.

Photo collage is of the parents used. Pot photo is an average of the size available.