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Sarcochilus Orchid Seedling i181 Sarcochilus (Kulnura Chic 'Apricot glow' x Kulnura Tipple 'Pinellow')

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Hybrid seedling in a 50mm pot.

This is a new direction in orange Sarcochilus breeding. Kulnura Chic (Elegance x Amber) shows the influence of dilute or Leuteno yellow to allow colour formation. In this case orange from a pink breeding line. ‘Pinellow’ brings a similar combination of yellow overlayed with pink. These should give an array of orange shades with some surprises thrown in.

The picture shows the parents of this cross. The above description details the expectation of this hybrid. 

For information on growing Sarcochilus check out our growing page at https://barritaorchids.com/pages/growers-resource-page