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Sarcochilus flask J163 Kulnura Iridessa 'edge' X Kulnura Rage 'Flashy'

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Cross by Scott Barrie, Barrita Orchids.

Over the years of writing cross descriptions, I must have said a thousand times how much I like red flowers with white highlights in the segments. It adds an extra dimension to the flower.  This could be the best cross I have made for this colour form. Kulnura Iridessa has a strong history of producing quality flowers on long arching stems. By combining KI ‘Edge’ with Kulnura Rage ‘Flashy’ we can expect red flowers with lots of white flashes. These plants will be prolific bloomers.

Flasks are ready to deflask on arrival. We plant 25 plants in a flask. This does not mean you are guaranteed 25 as occasionally some may not develop and the flask will still look good when we are selecting flasks to sell.

For information on deflasking check out our resource page.