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Orchid species Dendrobium aggregatum 'SVO Gold Coins' x aggregatum 'Midas Touch'

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Seedling plant in a 50mm tube.

Quality version of this classic Dendrobium species.  These are so floriferous, and well-grown plants produce many inflorescences with 20-25 flowers each in bright yellow resembling golden coins.  For best plant culture, it's important to understand and apply a seasonal wet/dry pattern. Water almost every day in Spring and Summer, then reduce watering to about once every two weeks in Winter. With proper care, these will quickly grow into specimens with thousands of flowers in Spring.

Imported Seedling from Sunset Valley Orchids, USA. The picture shows the parents of this cross. The above description details the expectation of these plants.

For information on growing orchids check out our growing page at http://barritaorchids.com/pages/growers-resource-page