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Lycaste Orchid Lyc. Birthday Girl (Lyc. campbellii 'Green Mite' AM/AOS x Lyc. brevispatha 'Costa Rica')

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Hybrid seedling in a 50mm pot. Leaf length 10cm.

For a Lycaste, campbellii has an unusually well-rounded petal shape, with petals held in a nearly flat presentation.  This characteristic makes it a very attractive flower and should impart this fine quality to its offspring.  Lyc. brevispatha has a petal shape and presentation like campbellii, but not quite as pronounced.  Here we are expecting the petals to favor the rounded shape and flat presentation of the parents.  There will be 5-7 flowers produced per bulb in colors ranging from yellow to red, and some will be blushed red.  When mature, the multi-growth plants will develop into ‘living bouquets’ covering the growths with blooms: impressive!  These small-growing plants will be blooming in 3” pots and mature in 4” pots.  Grow these in warm conditions, 60-75 nights and 75-85 days. In late spring and summer frequent watering is important, keeping the media moist. In fall and winter allow the media to dry out a bit more between waterings.

Hybrid by Fred Clarke.

The picture shows the parents of this cross. The above description details the expectation of this hybrid. 

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