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Catasetum seedling flask SVO9948 (Catasetum Melana Davison 'Bombshell' x Catasetum ivaneae 'Purple Fantasy')

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Imported Hybrid by Fred Clarke, USA

The flowers of Ctsm. Melana Davison (Ctsm. denticulatum x Ctsm. Penang) have come in many different colours, but one of the most beautiful is 'Bombshell' with its perfectly arranged flowers with burgundy and white lips; this is a mini-Catasetum that blooms 3-4 times a season!  Ctsm. ivaneae is new to our collection; we were so impressed with the photos of the hybrids being produced by the Brazilians I just had to begin to work with it as well. Sourcing plants was nearly impossible, they are tightly held by a few collectors. We were able to acquire a single back bulb of ‘Purple Fantasy’. Wow, were we impressed when it bloomed! This new breeding direction looks to hold much promise, we are expecting bold colours, and tightly arranged clusters of well sized flowers. Yes, the anticipation is not easy to manage.

Description and pictures supplied by Fred Clarke. Flasks are imported and produced overseas. They are ready to deflask on arrival. Expect 30+ plants in a flask