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Catasetum seedling flask SVO10529 (Ctsm John C. Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS x Ctsm Ryan Harrington 'Best of the Best')

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Imported Hybrid by Fred Clarke, USA

Ctsm. John C. Burchett (João Stivalli x Susan Fuchs) is a spectacular hybrid! The huge, flat, nearly black lip of the cultivar ‘Ursa Major’ really impressed the judges, and FCC/AOS says a lot about its qualities. Ryan Harrington (Ctsm. tenebrosum x Ctsm. denticulatum) has been an excellent hybrid, with ‘Best of the Best’ edging out all the others with its dark colour and remarkable flowering abilities blooming in early spring, summer and again in the fall.  Here we are looking for dark colours, many flowers multiple times a season. This is a very promising cross.

Description and pictures supplied by Fred Clarke. Flasks are imported and produced overseas. They are ready to deflask on arrival. Expect 30+ plants in a flask