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Catasetum seedling flask SVO 9947 (Catasetum pileatum var. imperiale 'Pierre Couret' x self)

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Imported Hybrid by Fred Clarke, USA

The ‘imperiale’ cultivar is a unique colour form of pileatum, recognizable by the red pigmentation expressed on the flowers compared to regular colour forms, which are light green or cream coloured. This cultivar was collected many years ago in Venezuela, and a piece was given to Marcel Lecoufle to be meristemed.  The clonal name 'Pierre Couret' honors one of the founders of the Caracas Orchid Society.  The prediction for this selfing will be broad pileatum-shaped lips in colours that tend toward a mixture of solid to blotched red with a few pinks or even green. The cultivar ‘Pierre Couret' is very uncommon in cultivation, and this is a rare opportunity to own a piece of pileatum history and the king of Catasetum species1

Description and pictures supplied by Fred Clarke. Flasks are imported and produced overseas. They are ready to deflask on arrival. Expect 30+ plants in a flask