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Catasetum seedling flask SVO 10600 (Ctsm Jamie Lawson XOXO 'SVO' x Ctsm Susan Fuchs 'Burgundy Chips' FCC/AOS)

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Imported Hybrid by Fred Clarke, USA

Ctsm. Jamie Lawson XOXO ‘SVO’ (Ctsm. pileatum x Ctsm. John C. Burchett) has huge lips, excellent colour and flowers 2 times and season with 12 or more perfectly arranges blooms. Susan Fuchs (Orchidglade x expansum) is a well-known hybrid, and the cultivar 'Burgundy Chips,' with its large yellow flowers and bold burgundy spotting is a proven breeder.   From this mating we expect full-shaped, colourful flowers from near solid red to yellow with burgundy spots.  The plants will be robust with mature plants blooming two possible times a year, huge lips guaranteed!

Description and pictures supplied by Fred Clarke. Flasks are imported and produced overseas. They are ready to deflask on arrival. Expect 25+ plants in a flask