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Catasetum seedling flask SVO9949 (Ctsm. Melana Davison 'Bombshell' x Ctsm. Dentigrianum 'SVO Excellence')

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Imported Hybrid by Fred Clarke, USA

The flowers of Ctsm. Melana Davison (Ctsm. denticulatum x Ctsm. Penang) have come in many different colours, but one of the most beautiful is 'Bombshell' with its perfectly arranged flowers with burgundy and white lips; this is a mini-Catasetum that blooms 3-4 times a season!  Ctsm. Dentigrianum (denticulatum x tigrinum) is a breakthrough in mini-Catasetum breeding. It’s a primary hybrid, but what it lacks in genealogical complexity it makes up for in charm and shape, with beautifully-formed flowers in white, uniformly spotted with burgundy, and a soft yellow lip with a dentate margin.  This is a mini-Catasetum plants will flower 2-3 times a season, excellent arrangement of spotted flowers in colours from red to spotted white.

Description and pictures supplied by Fred Clarke. Flasks are imported and produced overseas. They are ready to deflask on arrival. Expect 30+ plants in a flask