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We are still coming to Taiwan!

We have selected the very best of our new release hybrids to share with the attendees of WOC23 in Taiwan, March 9-12, 2020.

These flasks are now at Ching Hau Orchids. We will be there on the 6th of March. If you can't make it there we can arrange other opportunities.

Available on a first come basis. Pre orders welcome. Payment on pickup at Ching Hua. We will accept US$ or Paypal transfer.

Prices marked in US$ and include costs involved in getting the flasks to Taiwan, they do not cover onward documents or freight. Discounts available by negotiation prior to pick up.

Flasks are made in Australia at our lab. We plant 25 seedlings per flask. While we endeavour to select the best flasks for sale, there may not be 25 viable plants at deflasking.

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  • Early Flowering
  • Orange
  • Red Centred Pink
  • Red
  • Spotted
  • Starburst
  • White
  • Yellow


Early flowering Sarcochilus is one our most exciting lines of development. This line adds an extra 3-4 weeks to the flowering season and brings them closer to mid spring shows. For commercial growers it adds an extra cropping cycle in the season. Here we offer the latest in the early flowering range of colours.

Super productive plants with wonderful contrasting flower colours. This is a must-have cross to see the potential in early, high-coloured Sarcs. $85

This is my favourite sort of cross, as we have recessives in play. We have a red crossed with a pink carrying red genes. We will see very productive pinks with red centres, as well as patterned and solid reds. $95

Our latest development in early breeding for season extension. This is a wonderful cross to show off the bright colours in the early line. $110

When it comes to red Sarcochilus, Kulnura Drive '4 Black' has established itself as the benchmark parent. This cross will give early flowering, solid reds and flashed red and white flowers on compact plants. $125

Kulnura Sprint 'Super blotch'


Orange is the newest colour in Sarcochilus. The parents we have selected in this group are very productive and are excellent examples of this colour group. This is in the developmental stage, so we see lots of excellent variation from the seedlings

This is a new line. Kulnura Maestro shows increased dark pigment in the leaves which passes through the mothers’ side of this cross. Here we are looking to bring orange and pink tones together on dark foliaged plants. $125

Another new line. We have unearthed a group of parents that produce plants that have pink flowers on a yellow base. These are very pretty and very desirable. 'Pinellow' was my pick of the season in 2018, very attractive. $95

Very limited availability from this highly experimental cross. It is difficult to predict the stability of the patching we see in the petals, so in this cross we are looking to stabilize the white tips in an orange flower. Exciting hybrid. $175

First time we have made an orange back cross. Over the generations of our Sarcochilus breeding, the biggest leaps of quality and colour surprises have come from back and sibling crosses. This cross will be fun to flower as we will learn the true nature of the orange style. Highly recommended. $125

Kulnura Taser

Kulnura Tipple 'Pinellow'

Red Centred Pink

We love extra dimensions in the colour of a flower. In Cymbidiums, it's pink with a yellow labellum. In pink Sarcochilus it's adding a red centre to the flower that creates the extra dimension. This line also has well developed flower form and productivity.

Highly anticipated remake of Kulnura Momentum. This is a great cross. It has excellent productivity of spikes from compact, multi shooting plants. As true red is recessive, we will not see any reds, but will see wide range of pinks and some excellent patterning. Highly recommended. $125

This is the one! If you are looking for super form and colour this is the cross for you. We have an excellent pedigree in this cross. Expect large, full flowers in pink with dark centres presenting on long arching stems. These will rain awards. $150

Kulnura Momentum 'Proud'

Kulnura Momentum 'Compact'


Red Sarcochilus is not just a hot colour, it is a hot seller, too. Unravelling the revealing of the red pigment in Sarcs has been one of our most exciting breeding successes. Now that we have identified the breeding trends in the type, we are going to see some fantastic advances in this colour. Tough to pick the best from these crosses.

We flowered the first seedling from 'Robin' last year, they were spectacular! In this cross we are very lucky to get seed from Kulnura Gryffin (Kulnura Dragonfly x Kulnura Sanctuary) as they rarely set pods. Expect full rounded reds, some flashed with white, on upright spikes. Stunning! $150

It's interesting that I have not made this cross before. These two are quite closely related and perhaps that is why we didn’t get much seed. I am expecting a result close to that of Kulnura Fireball, Intense reds from compact plants. Very limited availability. $175

Any cross with 'Robin' is a must have. Here we combine with a Neville Roper line to infuse extra vigour in our own red line. We will see deep velvety reds with red flashing, presenting on upright spikes. $200

This cross is about wonderful deep reds on upright spikes. 'Free bird' is one of the most productive reds we have, it gets covered with spikes. $125

OK, this could be very special. 'Red Flash' is one of the best flowers in our collection, a real standout. It has deep red flowers, layered with purple splashes. And the strength of growth is just what we look for. In combination with 'Robin', this is the type of cross that has us wishing the days away to see them flower. $200

Kulnura Momentum 'Marble pink' AM/AOC

Maria 'Red rain'

Kulnura Fireball 'Intense' AD/AOC


Since our first spotted crosses flowered, this type has been one of my favourites. Last southern spring the spotted flowers came of age with fuller flower form while retaining the exceptional production we have come to expect from this style.

Pure spot is one of the most stunning spotted Sarcs we have, the clarity and evenness of the spotting is unsurpassed. By taking it to Maria 'Tips' we are looking to infuse the vigour we have seen in all the Marias and keep the clarity of spotting. $125

Lots of layers to this cross. On the surface we have bold spotting overlaying pink. Beneath the surface we have the recessive red on both parents. Expect lots of spotted flowers held upright spikes from very good growing plants. $95

The results from our Maria crosses have been very impressive so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing this cross. 'Purple’ is the best of the Kulnura Roundups and crossed with this Maria will give strong spotting on good sized flowers. There is also the chance of some reds from this cross. $110

‘Rocket star’ produces unrelenting upright spikes. It was a standout in the batch of seedling it came from for this reason. While not strictly a spotted flower, many of its siblings are, and by crossing it to 'Purple' we will see spotting and some starburst patterning. $95

This combination is quite different to the other spotted crosses on offer. Here we are looking for a clear, softer spot with more white in the flower. We have some exceptional genes to work with in the background and will see a very good quality result. $95

Maria 'DD'


Our most famous colour style is without doubt the starburst patterning. When it comes to outstanding colouring and flower form, it is hard to go past a Barrita starburst cross.

Kulnura Dragonfly! Remake of arguably the best cross that has ever been made. Expect the highest quality patterned flowers from robust plants. Impossible to resist, a must have. $125

Peace is an older Neville Roper hybrid, and it has produced some excellent offspring e.g. Maria. It carries a good flower count and we have found it to be an excellent grower. 'Fireworks' is one of my favourite plants, very eye catching and an excellent producer. We expect strongly coloured starburst patterning from a profusion of spikes. $110

Kulnura Press is an excellent cross, the entire grex are very productive and wonderfully marked. By combining 'Spot tip' with Kulnura Rusty 'Spec 2' we will see fuller-formed flowers in bright patterning. These will be very attractive flowers. $95

Roberta 'Favourite' is a wonderfully marked flower, with great definition in it patterning. It's uses here are twofold. We are looking primarily for starburst patterning and the use of Bunyip ensures a quality result and intense flower colour. The second reason to make this cross is that Bunyips carry alba genes and we will see a proportion of excellently marked yellow starburst flowers from these. $125

It is rare to have a Kulnura Dragonfly hold a pod, but the crosses we have flowered from Kulnura Dragonflys have been excellent. This cross promises the same. There will be no yellows. Roberta is used here for clarity of patterning and intensity of colour. Expect bright patterned flowers of the highest quality. Plants will be robust and produce strong, upright spikes. Recommended. $125

Kulnura Dragonfly 'Emma Jane' AM/AOC AM/RHS AM/AOS

The only Sarcochilus to be awarded in three judging systems.


The traditional white Sarcochilus is a flower of immense beauty. Modern Sarcochilus now offer the additional interest of the yellow centre in some of the white lines.

Poached egg style of flower is a very popular line. Here we see the two-tone yellow of 'Melba' crosses to a hartmannii. We will see full-formed white flowers with golden yellow centres. $85

Having S. Madge on both sides of this cross ensures a high-quality result. Expect larger than average sized flowers in clear white with bold yellow centres. $85

Anticipate brilliant white flowers from robust, broad leafed plants that present a luxurious appearance. There will be a small red centre to some of the seedlings. Expect a high-quality result. $85

Madge 'Free'


When it comes to the most popular Sarcochilus, yellow is one of the top selections, and when you see the results of the development so far, you can see why. We now have a wonderful range of variations within the style and all of them show excellent production.

‘Sparkle' is a very eye-catching flower and has proven itself as an excellent parent. We expect bright yellows and golds in abundance from this cross. $125

Patterning in the yellow Sarcochilus is in the early stages of development. This combination will provide outstanding, golden yellow patterning over a white base. Highly recommended. $125

Blazing Gold is one of our most requested plants, and as a result I'm sure these seedlings will be incredibly popular. Expect deep, golden yellow flowers on upright spikes. WOW! $150

Red centred yellow is a new line for us. While the colour style is not new, it is the breeding behind this that makes this cross exciting. All the other red centred yellows are derived from high involvement of the species S. hurticalcar, which makes them difficult to grow in our conditions. While this cross has a very small percentage (1.6% Orchidwiz) of hurticalcar they grow just like the rest of our plants. Wildly experimental cross with expectation of orange, red, alba yellow, white and yellow with red centres. This is my pick of this series to see flower.$125

Creating variations is one of our core goals in hybridizing. Here we are looking to develop yellow spotted Sarcochilus. These are two very attractive flowers and we should see some great spots, and all will be albas from this cross. $85

Kulnura Mission was a breakthrough cross for productivity with up to 13 spikes from a single growth plant! This combination aims to build flower quality into this highly productive line. Expect 100% alba yellows, from solid to patterned styles. $125

‘Pani' is the best of the Kulnura wild, a nicely spotted yellow with full form on upright spikes. Crossing it to 'Gold dust' will really enhance the depth of colour in the patterning and most importantly the production in the plants. Expect lots of yellow shades from this cross and heaps of flowers. $95

Parma 'Lemon Drop' HCC/AOC

Kulnura Khaleesi 'Prolific'

(Kulnura Kaliedescope x Nugget) 'Lemon Spots'