Last orders for 2020 will be shipped on Monday 30th of November.

We selected a range of crosses that reflect our latest developments.

Plants are priced at $20 each or 6 for $100

F110 Sarc. Kulnura Festival 'Splat' x Bunyip 'Forest Fruit'
  The use of Bunyip in this cross accentuates the pink patterning style. Expect large, full formed flowers on arching stems. Colours will be pink shades through to a high proportion of whites.
F117 Sarc. Kulnura Absolute 'Dot' x Kulnura Secure 'Ghost'
  This cross bringa new style to the spotted range. A muted, soft pink, profus spotting. Expect some good shaped flowers on upright stems.
F131 Sarc. Kulnura Iridessa 'purple edge' x Sweetheart 'Speckles'
  This is a outstanding cross for patterned and bared flowers. Expect some very full formed flowers, with a high colour contrast on upright spikes.
F132 Sarc. Parma 'Lemon drop HCC/AOC' x Kulnura Coral 'Sparkle'
  If you are looking for profuse blooming yellows, these are for you. 'Sparkle' makes wonderfully free flowering plants in nice yellow on upright spikes.
F141 Sarc. Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Ring' x Kulnura Kaliedescope 'full Arch'
  Lots going on in this cross. Kulnura Kaleidescope show up as orange, but cary red and yellow genes. In a sibling cross like this we should see all these possibilities and the sades in between. Very exciting to bloom these seedlings and see the variation.
F145 Sarc. Kulnura Cut '5 up' x Kulnura Lady 'Red star'
  Solid reds. These are two of our most productive reds. They will flower themselves silly. Expect lots of medium sized flowers from compact plants.
F150 Sarc. Kulnura Dazzel 'Multi Purple' x Maria 'Purple Magic'
  This is going to be an interesting cross to flower. There are a couple of Marias that are deep pink and heading into the right colour range produce purple red flowers. There is also the spotted side to both parents here. A bit of a mixed bag of excitement in deep colours here
F166 Sarc. Rachel Emma 'Golden cross' x Kulnura Lemon 'Gold rim'
  We are looking to develop a number of different yellow styles. This cross takes us into a type of picotee yellowing. Expect open formed flowers on upright spikes.
F191 Sarc. Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Chesell' x Kulnura Wild 'Gold'
  This is a combination I want to see! The Kulnura Kaleidescopes have produced some super intense golden yellow flowers. By combining this line with the super intense gold of Kulnura Wild the results will be fantastic. The plants will be prolific bloomers of long spikes of canary golden yellow.
F196 Sarc. Kulnura Need 'Open orange' x Kulnura Kaliedescope 'full Arch'
  The next iteration of Kulnura Taser. This version should throw some clear, canary yellows as well as the traditional orange, red and pink shades. While the form of this grex is open, the colour and prolific spiking makes them a worthy addition to any collection.
F201 Sarc. Parma 'Lemon' x Kulnura Hysteria 'Whopa'
  This is a cross that I am looking forward to seeing flower. Developing high quality yellow Sarcs is one of our pet projects and this cross is a cornerstone in that project. Expect full formed patterned flowers and solid yellows.
F218 Sarc. Kulnura Dazzel 'Deep Velvet' x Kulnura Dazzel 'Multi Purple'
  These are third generation Kulnura Dazzel siblings. The project here is to make the darkest red possible, into the black reds. The plants will be compact and have upright leaves, and produce masses of flower spikes.
F220 Sarc. Kulnura Symphony '' x Sweetheart 'Speckles'
  I made this cross as a building block to improve the form of the red Sarcs, not expecting to get any reds. However after flowering other reds crossed with 'Speckles' I now expect some nice reds and some outstanding pinks. Recommended.
F221 Sarc. Kulnura Dazzel 'Multi Purple' x Bunyip 'Forest Fruit'
  The Kulnura Dazzel grex carry and interesting mix of genes. On the one hand we have the spotted line that has made most of our stunning spotted flowers and is now showing good potential in the starburst line. On the other side is the recessive red. The shape of the reds requires some filling in. This cross will be a step in that direction, there will be no reds produced here. We will see deep two-tone pinks through to starburst patterning, very reminiscent of the wonderful Kulnura Momentum grex. Strong plant growth
G012 Sarc. hartmannii 'Mist' x hartmannii 'Early open'
  Third generation of our line bred version of the classic Sarcochilus species. These plants have been selected for their early flowering habit. Not just from one season, but over a number of years to prove the consistency. Clean white flowers with slight red centres.
G017 Sarc. Kulnura Drive '4 black' x Kulnura Cinnamon '3'
  Plant growth vigour is one of the most important aspects in our consideration when selecting plants as parents. Kulnura Cinnamon '3' is a plant that imparts excellent vigour in it offspring. Expect a percentage of red flowers, together with some lovely dark centred pinks.
G036 Sarc. Kulnura Mischief 'orange gold' x Parma 'Fran'
  The solid gold style is still the most popular here in Australia. You just can't go past Kulnura Mischief for solid gold and Parma has proven to be a great parent for improving the form of the flowers. Expect shades of yellow from multi-growth plants.
G057 Sarc. Kulnura Impact 'gold lip red early' x Duno Nicky's Twin 'Voodoo'
  You want these! This is a very interesting cross as the progeny will be greater than fifteen percent S. hurticalar. As I haven't made a cross with such high proportion of this species before, I am unsure of exactly how it will breed for homozygous red. I am hoping for full reds with a chance of white flashing in the petals. We can be sure of a quality result from 'VooDoo'.
G107 Sarc. Parma x Madge 'Bigun' x Kulnura Joy 'Golden snow'
  Bigun' is one of the largest poached eggs I have seen, HUGE! Expect all whites with yellow centres, lots of spikes and very good form.
G129 Sarc. Kulnura Secure 'Pink tips' x Kulnura Max 'Cup Fimbri'
  These will flower in the early part of the season and be really beautiful flowers. Full form with pink spots. The feature of both parents in the solid pink distal ends to the segments. This feature is very attractive.