Sarcochilus flasks for New Zealand 2019.

Flasks will be available at the national show in Palmerston North. Pre-order is available and recommended as quantities are limited. Cost per flask is $100.

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G044 Kulnura Irridessa 'Berry' HCC/AOC x Kulnura Flood 'Tosh'

A while ago we decided to move away from simple plain pink and head into the two-toned style. We have called them red centred pink and the parents used in this cross are great examples of the style. Both are award quality and have excellent parentage. We can expect large flowers on arching stems from this cross

G050 Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Chesell' x Kulnura Mischief 'Orange Gold'


Looking for a solid golden Sarcochilus? If you are, these are for you. Expect medium sized flowers on many long arching stems as Kulnura kaleidoscope makes very floriferous plants. The distinction of this hybrid will be in the solid nature of the yellow.

G054 Kulnura Dazzel 'Big Purple' x Sweetheart 'Speckles'

This cross makes Kulnura Passion. The original cross yielded only whites due the use of a different Sweetheart. However, by using Sweetheart ‘Speckles we will see excellent formed flowers in star burst patterning. Plants of a similar cross have been awarded in the USA from very small plants, these will be special.

G056 Kulnura Ballerina 'Rod' x Kulnura Fireball 'Intense' AD/AOC

Looking at Kulnura Ballerina you may not be impressed. It’s importance lays in it’s parentage, Bunyip x Kulnura Dazzel. We are looking for 100% reds and an increase in the flower size. The Kulnura fireball grex are very floriferous, but a little on the small side. These parents are very complimentary.

G063 Kulnura Blend 'Dilute' x Kulnura Blend 'Pink Picotee'

This is the first time we have offered the dilute orange line for sale. This softer orange is very beautiful and stands out in our collection as one of our favourites. This pedigree is quite complex and carries recessive red and yellow. There is every chance these will manifest in these seedlings. A very interesting and exciting cross to flower.

G066 Kulnura Coral 'Sparkle' x Kulnura High 'Melba'


Kulnura Coral ‘Sparkle’ has proven to be an exceptional parent in that it imparts the three aspects of a plant we value. These are bright colour, multiple spiking and upright spikes. It also throws solid and speckled yellow. By it with this Kulnura High, we are looking to create multi tone yellows with deeper centre colouring. There will also be an improvement in form as we add an infusion of S. Bunyip

G093 Kulnura Cinnamon 'Peach' x Kulnura Maestro 'Peach'

This is a very interesting hybrid. This will test the way dilution is inherited in Sarcochilus and the nature of this style. There is the very slight chance alba yellow coming from a cross like this. As grandparents on both sides carry the alba factor. In the main, the expectation is for peach pinks from very floriferous plants.

G124 Kulnura Joy 'Lemon' x Madge 'Free'

To say that this is a closely related cross is an understatement. These are over 90% S. hartmannii. In such a cross prediction is relatively easy. We will see good size flowers with full, award shape. The colour will be 100% “Poached eggs” i.e. white with a yellow centre.

G131 Kulnura Joy 'Lemon' x Parma 'Lemon Cent'

In contrast to the G124, this cross has the added interest of the inclusion of S. spathulatus in the pedigree of S. Parma. In crosses with “Poached eggs” with full yellow siblings we often see a small percentage of patterned yellows arise. These seedlings will be large whites with yellow centres. There will be award quality flowers from this grex.

G136 Kulnura Ballerina 'Patern' x Kulnura Gifted 'Fireworks' AM/AOC

This combination promises to give some of the most spectacular starburst patterning we have seen. What sets this cross apart is the similarity of the parents. Expect a profusion of upright spikes from clumping plants.

G138 Duno Nickys Twin 'Voo Doo' AM-AD/AOC x Kulnura Harrow 'Extreme'


This cross is a departure from our core philosophy regarding the genetics of Sarcochilus. Crosses with S. hurticalcar progeny have regularly led to reduced fertility in the offspring. When it comes to the bug guns of Sarcochilus, they don’t get any bigger than ‘Voo Doo’. This is the first series I have used it and from what we have seen from others, we can expect reds and deep pinks on long arching stems flowering early in the season. Highly recommended.

G108 Kulnura Melody 'early white' x Heidi 'Clarity'

The whites are our most advanced line of the early flowering types. This cross will yield award quality flowers from strong growing plants. The flowering time will be up to four weeks ahead of the main flowering!